Silvermyst Multiservices

No Job but still learning

To today is Monday morning and i forgot to take out the garbage “ops” my tank is so full i just hope the dam truck guy comes back and takes mine. I haven’t slept yet since Sunday afternoon and that’s b

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Poster PORN (not)

Yes we had added some of my original painting on our store and also added the link to our e-bay store so you can bid on anything you guys want. Today i went to Javier house to watch a movie with the fags and order pizza just

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So ever since i got unemployed a bunch of clients had gaven me request to do some graphic and web designs and one of them I’ve been working all day and night . I think its turning out pretty  good. I am planning to

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New Greeting Cards Have Arrived, Im excited on these ones.They come in a 5×7 with a neat design in the front. The inside is “again” blank so you can add your own messege of love and joy. This is perfect for a

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This is the front side of the business card, in the other side it will be only white with playing text due to the funding and cost of the prints. I had tons of options but i think this will be the first MEMO business card to

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