Silvermyst Multiservices

If we thought we had a significant gap in the market we’d probably keep it a secret and work on it.The web is a massively saturated thing, with topics on almost everything, I can’t think of one bit of information I can’t find after a bit of googling. Is this your homework? It sounds a bit like it, but anyways I think even more personalised advertising is the way forward as Facebook are developing but people won’t always pay attention to that so it’s not something to work for. I’d say a digg/blog would be pointless, too much already out there.

I’d like to see the uprise of Vimeo basically a HD-video site that looks nice, because YouTube has run its course (for me) because it’s full of too much rubbish.We’ll have to see, quote me on this in the next year, but I can’t imagine it changing too much. Saying that though thinking back to pinstripes in the ‘2.0 shit-boom’ look so dated now, so anything can happen.

Supersize Me.

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