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Channel 7 WABC News has made a news report, with the drastic title of ‘Killer Game Manhunt 2’. Eyewitness reporter Tim Fleischer gets to the bottom of if parents should be worried about the release of the game.
Seriously, this is what he is labelled as an ‘eyewitness reporter’, as though he has just witnessed some crime taking place. Like someone being raped or a hit and run. If only it was a hit and run and he wasn’t the reporter but the vic… anyway.
My favourite line from the report:
The videogame, Manhunt 2 and clearly from video clips appearing on the website,, it lives up to its name, maybe even freaking you out.

Maybe it is just me, but I find that line to be pretty funny. I hope Rockstar stick that on the box of the game, that would be awesome. Or at least like you know, a poster or something.
Dan Ackerman says the first version was not a huge success for Rockstar Games.
By nature of there being a sequel it would imply that the success of the original was more than marginal. I might be wrong on this but I am pretty sure the only way to fund future products is by making a profit on previous releases.

The problem that all these journalists and analysts have is that they compare the sales of every Rockstar/Take-Two published title to that of Grand Theft Auto. The reality of it is that not many games do make that kind of money, short of being Mario or Halo. A games financial success is gauged by how much profit it makes in relation to how much money is invested into the product, not to the companies other products.

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