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Today I got the chance to go out and apply at places that I know would benefit me in the future,the job I’m in right now is not bad and I actually like working everyday with the people around me “It’s bad ass seeing Mike from the powder coating…hes hot”.
Anyways….. 😀
Threw time of hard work and inspiration I had the chance to think about my future and how i was going to do things for next year by gathering information and knowledge for my small skill I go. I do know I’m better than those who don’t try to get a position at the work force that would make there creativity and brain wrong with something that they just love to do and for me that means COMPUTERS AND ART.

Ever since I got my first crayon I had the ability to draw on almost anything, even my teeth 😀
HOW DO I GOT THIS ARTIST THING IN MY HEAD , I don’t know….”MY MOTHER SWALLOWED A CRAYON when pregnant?” lol I don’t know, but this I do know……
MY ASS IS GOING TO GET A NEW JOB WITH COMPUTERS OR GRAPHIC ARTS and also I’m going to start doing my own side job that would help me get further ahead.

I got my business card going which will be available soon for everyone and also I’m going to design a poster for everyone to see for the new store WE are opening up…


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