Angry Birds For PC Download

  You can Download and play the Game Offline in your desktop, laptop and notebooks, that means that you will have windows as your Operating System. I would recommend installing it on a touch screen laptop or something you can swing the birds such as a pen interactive. Its easier for me to just install it on my tablet PC because Its portable and fun to play around Star Bucks.

Steps to configure and Play Angry Birds Game in your PC

  1. Download Full Angry Birds game from the links given above and extract them.
  2. Install the game by double click on Angry_Birds_Installer_1.6.2.exe file.
  3. Open Angry.Birds.v1.6.2 Patch.exe and browse the Folder where you have installed the game files (in my case it is C:Program FilesRovioAngry BirdsAngryBirds.exe) and select the AngryBirds.exe file and click Open.
  4. Now Open Angry Birds from the shortcut available on your desktop.
  5. Click on Activate Full Version and Enter the Serial Key: THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO and Click Register and Done!.

Hurray! you have installed full Angry Birds Game for PC using Crack and Serial Key. All the files are safe and tested by me, they doesn’t contain any viruses or back doors. So enjoy playing angry birds. You can also check out the gamers Tips and guides on how to solve and pass the whole game but I would recommend it only if you get stuck on a level.

Update: You can also Download the Angry Birds Seasons for your PC. (Link soon…..)