Computer Repair For Small Business…

Small businesses typically have five or more computers in a network environment.  In addition to break/fix repair services for these customers, we also provide business class service.  The entire Business Class concept is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your computers are running and that if you should have a problem, someone is there to help.  We have found that doing a few simple (albeit tedious and time consuming) things on a regular basis will keep your machines running when you need them most.


So what exactly do you get with Business Class Service from Computer Solutions?


First, you get peace of mind.  No more crossing your fingers when you push the power button on the computer, hoping it will boot up.  In addition to that we will:


  • Perform regular software maintenance in the form of Operating System updates, security patches and software maintenance updates on your critical line of business applications

  • Maintain your malware and virus protection and perform regular scans to prevent and eliminate malware infections.

  • Maintain and monitor data backups.

  • Answer questions.  Sometimes you just need someone to answer technological questions without worrying whether or not you’re going to be billed for it.

  • After hours support.  We realize that you are not always working during “normal business hours”.  While we pride ourselves on maintaining networks so issues don’t arise in the wee hours of the night, sometimes things happen.  You’re taken care of whenever you need it.  We also plan maintenance and upgrades at a time convenient for you, so it doesn’t affect your business.

  • Maintain accurate records of computer equipment, location and configuration so we can solve problems faster.  By keeping track of all your computer equipment we can better isolate exactly where a point of failure is, reducing troubleshooting time and keeping you running.

  • Provide a reasonable rate for computer support.  By signing up with our Business Class Service, you have a real good idea of how much your IT costs are going to be right up front.

  • No labor costs on repairs of your business class computer equipment.


What’s more new hardware and software installations and upgrades are offered to you at a reduced rate just because you’re a Business Class Support subscriber.  Rates for Business Class Service vary depending on the size of your business network.  For more information and to schedule an informational visit, go to our Contact Us page [Link].


Who will be fixing my computer?

Our staff consists of professional and friendly adult technicians. Each tech has a minimum of 10 years experience working with computer repairs and trouble shooting. Everyone in our company was born, raised and lives in Long Island.

How fast can you fix my PC or laptop computer?

We work very fast and equally efficient! Usually we can fix any type of problem and complete your computer repair within 48 hours. In situations where we must order parts there may be a short delay as we wait for the delivery, but express delivery may available upon request.

Can I drop my computer off for repair ?

YES! We welcome you to come by the shop and say hello. You can meet the person who will be working on your computer. We are here to help you.


Priority Service

At PC Madness we understand that you can’t always afford to wait.

We cater for your needs by offering a priority computer repair service. Jump to the front of our computer booking queue, or even request a priority onsite computer service. We’ll do everything we can to get your computer repair completed as quickly as possible.


[su_tabs active=”3″][su_tab title=”About Your Data”]Is your data really safe? Simple to Use

We install a small software program on your computer that works quietly in the background looking for new and changed files to back up. It looks and feels like part of your computer and is integrated with your desktop, so there’s nothing new to learn. Everything is Automatic

When your computer is not being used, Carbonite starts to automatically back up your new and changed files. You don’t have to do anything as it does it all for you! When you’re busy using your computer, Carbonite goes to sleep so it will never slow down the performance of your computer or your internet connection. Deployment

All sites require initial Deployment (Setup), which is charged by our normal service rates.

As part of deployment, we also install a remote administration client so we can quickly and easily address any backup issues on the the client’s end without needing to physically go onsite. Whilst there are no additional charges for activation of the remote login service, a charge of $20 per 15min will be incurred when the remote login feature needs to be used to perform maintenance. For full information about our remote login service, please visit our remote admin page.

Remote desktop software will be deployed on two separate computers. This ensures that remote administration is still available in the event of one system having connection issues.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Protection”]Completely Secure

Each of your files is encrypted twice before being backed up securely offsite. The same encryption techniques that banks use are employed. Your files remain encrypted at secure data centres, so only you can see and access them.

Our backup software uses a combination of Blowfish and DES III (Triple DES) encryption. Both are strong encryption algorithms with the benefit of relatively low processor overhead (hence your PC is not slowed down by our encryption software). These encryption algorithms, in combination with the use of SSL for data transmission, make our data protection/encryption process similar to online retails and online financial institutions.

Blowfish is one of the fastest block ciphers in widespread use. Blowfish is a symmetric block cipher with a variable length key up to 448bits, making it ideal for both domestic and exportable use. Blowfish was designed in 1993 as a fast, free alternative to existing encryption algorithms.

The data encryption standard (DES) was developed by an IBM team around 1974 and adopted as a national standard in 1977. Triple DES (DES III) is a much stronger variation of this standard and is billions of times more secure. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”System Requirements”] Your internet connection must be high-speed internet (ADSL or cable).

The current version of our offsite backup software is designed for Windows XP SP1-SP3, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, in both standard 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Older versions of Windows (Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows ME) or Linux operating systems are not supported.

Support is also available for all Intel-based Macs running OS 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), and 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Older versions of Macs (PowerPCs, and non-intel Macs) are not supported.

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) count both uploads and downloads in the monthly data quota. Depending on the amount of information you have stored on your PC, your initial backup could be quite large. If your monthly data transfer allowances are exceeded your ISP may either throttle back access speeds, or charge you excess data transfer fees. Please check with your ISP about your data transfer upload allowances and charges. [/su_tab][/su_tabs]


Remote Support

[su_tabs active=”3″][su_tab title=”About Your Data”]So, what is it? Using today’s technology, we can remotely support and monitor your IT infrastructure. This guarantees an almost immediate response to any computer problems as soon as they appear, without the need for a technician to come out to see you!

What does this mean for me? Computer support within 2 hours of logging a support call. It’s like having your own IT Department for a fraction of the cost! * If the issue can not be resolved via remote admin, we guarantee you premium support callout within 24 hours.

How does it work? We deploy specialised software at your business which allows us to ‘log in’ to your computers via the internet. Our data privacy agreement means that we never log in without your consent and all of your data is kept strictly confidential.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Is it Safe?”]You Always Stay in Control Clients must permit a technician to use each LogMeIn Rescue function (Remote Control, Desktop View, File Transfer, System Information, and Reboot & Reconnect) Customers can choose to terminate the session at any time All traces of the Customer Applet disappear from the remote PC when the session is finished

Connections are Secure

Our system employs end-to-end, 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions. For more information…

Please review the LogMeIn Rescue Architecture Whitepaper (.pdf) This document provides an overview of the architecture behind LogMeIn Rescue. Topics discussed include data confidentiality, authentication and authorization, auditing and logging, and hosting highlights.[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”System Requirements”] The following operting systems are currently supported:

Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 & Server 2008 (all including 64-bit); Windows 98, ME and 2000 Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard)

Broadband connectivity to the Internet (i.e., T1, cable modem, ISDN, or DSL) is required. [/su_tab][/su_tabs]