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Silvermyst &

Silvermyst has been Using PayPal for sometime now and our clients love it! Today we are proud to announce our own PayPal.Me Page to  make payments with our team mates, vendors and clients suddenly so much easier and faster. Rather than following up individual invoices, we can email our PayPal.Me link with the combined amounts that’s owed and you can instantly pay the amount right in and there.


For the first time, PayPal is letting set up our own user profiles which are associated with a personalized URL (e.g., which can then be shared with others via text, over email, on instant messenger, via social media, or anywhere else, as a way to make payments much much easier.

With on our side and with its security features, we will be creating our clients invoices and payments easier than ever. Once the client pays the amount owed, the files such as business card design, logo design, software, ect. will be release soon as the final payment has been made. You don’t have to wait on us anymore. We will let our system and do the work for us. Silvermyst will enroll this feature and update our payment page soon. You can still send your payments to (Paypal only) or click on the Link below to try the new

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