Windows 10 First Update

Windows 10 First Update

Looks like Windows 10 has finally released the first big update to its operating system. The update includes restoring colored window title bars, integrating skype, improving the edge browser and fixes a lot of the problems with the windows 10 activation process.


Windows 10 now includes a “Find My Device” option under Settings > Update & security. This means Windows 10 finally has built-in tracking, so you can track your laptop or tablet if you lose it via GPS and location services — without using a third-party application like Prey. You can also tell Windows 10 to periodically send your device’s location to Microsoft’s servers, allowing you to view its last known location if you ever lose it.


There is also good news for those who have low storage laptops or netbooks. The feature that lets you install Windows 10 apps to another drive — for example, an SD card on a tablet or laptop with a small amount of storage — has been re-enabled. You’ll find it at Settings > System > Storage.


You can also choose where Windows 10 stores its offline maps at Settings > System > Offline maps. This helps if you have a device with a small amount of storage and want to store them on an SD card, for example.


Cortana no longer requires a Microsoft account, so you can use Cortana even if you’re logged into your PC with a local user account. Cortana can also understand inked notes, track movies and other ticketed events, warn you when you miss a phone call, and sync your messaging and call history. Cortana can also power itself down when it knows you’re not using your computer and many more features. The update is available automatically on the windows update so you can just sit and relax while your window gets even better.