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The party was great and I got to meet alot of levi’s closes friends and even the girlfriends crazy (fun) family. It was held at a small bar in Michigan which is a little far from my house but with the help of my boss levi, he was gladly nice enought to give me a ride from work to the party “because we were going to work the next day anyways”. everyone was friendly and welcoming and I did enjoy myself the whole night just watching and talking to people and of course “I’m not a shy person” I did let a little bit of gayness out into the party which I’m sure everyone had there eyes on me “did i feel weird?….HELLS NO!” I had a lesbian couple take care of me and everyone else just seemed to enjoy themselves without bringing any drama.

So let take a look at the shots down the roll (I’m going to see if i can put them in a flash gallery for better view) but for now this will have to do.

PhotobucketLevi’s shock of his new PS3
PhotobucketThey are adorable
PhotobucketAAWW big hug
PhotobucketI told her her boobs are big

Conclusion:I had a good time and I can’t wait to get my drink on with them again,especially his hot roommate 😀 (had to put that in there)

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