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 For those rapid share lovers who hate to click on every link files can now rest as I introduce some of the down loader managers. These programs work just like any other downloading program but for rapid share giving you more control of power when downloading long files from rapid share. It keeps track of the files sources and also automatically continues the download if you get disconnected from online. Such a great
tool im about to just get wet down there (wiggles).

1. JDownloader Rapidshare downloader It is one of the best Rapidshare download manager. It is a free download manager app that supports downloading of multiple files at the same time. It also support captcha recognition, automatic file extraction and works fine for for free and premium account users. JDownloader.

2. RapGet Download manager
RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for share servers including:,, and others. Using this you can auto download from over 68 free share services. It supports simultaneous downloads and multiple languages. RapGet

3. CryptLoad Manager
CryptLoad downloader allows you to download from One-Click-Hosters like and from regular websites with ease. It supports parallel downloads, part downloading, automatic router-reconnect, captcha recognition, clipboard monitoring for fast link adding and automatic extraction of downloaded archives. CryptLoad

4. Rapidshare Auto Downloader
It is an automatic downloader for users. You can download group of links from rapidshare and Load / save the download list. Supports autoshutdown feature and makes Rapidshare file download process easy. Rapidshare auto downloader

5. Raptor download manager
Raptor is a download manager for Rapidshare, Letitbit, Deposit file hosting services. The program will automate your free user downloading, all you have to do is to simply enter all your links and click Start. Raptor will do the rest for you able to download files.


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