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So today I got my car back and with my surprised the mechanic had only charged me about 250.00 bucks for changing the time belt,water pump,pulley and incredible offer that I’m going to throw in a few more bucks. This gives me a chance to buy the camera I always wanted and along with that I still manage to keep some cash in my pocket for safety if something does goes wrong.

The technology is already progressing and everything in my room has been updated..except for one thing….MY DESKTOP!! yes this thing really can drive me crazy because I had build it a few years ago and the max of memory that can be installed is about only 3 GB of ram which is alright to run the programs I need, but at this time of my life I have to manage to run atlest 4 programs at a time and thats not including my entertainment. My solution is
to install extra video cards and 3 monitors to my desktop to run photoshop, Illustrator, and MS office.

It is important to have all the tools you need and the speed you need to get work done ASAP because you have other projects in life that need to be finished and with my OLD ass PC it takes forever to load photoshop NON THE LESS running multiple applications in 3 monitors. I sure had to wait and be patient on my Desktop because its the most important item in my Black List but for now I had to get my hands on my CANNON EOS 50D which I’m so in love with. I do have to admit If it wasn’t for that machanic giving me a great deal “SHOUT OUT TO RAY DAVIS” for fixing my the opportunity to get the camera and my car my car back to my life.

All well said I have lots of work to do and it involved using my Desktop PC which means I have to be pulling my hairs and be patient until I can buy my custom NEW DESKTOP.

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