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Sometimes the simple things that are missing in someones blog or website intend to be the most important of them all to connect with the viwer and the author in a personal level.

Microformats are small patterns of HTML to represent commonly published things like people, events, blog posts, reviews and tags in web pages.

It lets you put high-class forms that can be useful to connect with your customers or visitors in a variety of ways such as feedback,comments,contact v-cards and much more.

Its really a very useful tool for those who don’t know squat of HTML or XML
which could drive a nerd insane ( by nerd I mean me).
Microformats are accentials such as

  • A way of thinking about data
  • design principles for formats
  • adapted to current behavirous and usage of patters
  • XHTML highly classed
  • A structure of development for blogers/website users
  • An evolution revolution

 It solves problems that gives you simple steps to run and it also starts smooth with simplicity that is design for human first, not the other way around. The content and code that you can find is just like having to decorated a my space layout but without all the long code and it comes with your own costumed needs. Micro formats is the way to go.

The Most featured  which are found at there site is are HCard creator,HCalendar creator,HReview creator which will define the what you are looking for. The altimate tools to get you started to get a better connection in every way you want. Its simple,clean, and fast “Thats why we choose it as a top tool”. Since simplicity  is important in a webpage, you want to add it in a seperate section on its own, this way the user wont get confused on what to fill out.

Here is an example of using there HCards with style
Tim Van Damme

Rogie King

You can get more information on there site at

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