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Its a really wonderful dream to get a day off on a weekend but my hopes are small if I work for a major corp. But its OK because I still have time to party because I can still  manage to get up for work. Everyone at work on Sundays are pretty daisy,smooth,chilling, whatever you want to call it since they all think we’re
closed on Sundays.
The fact that winter is just around the corner makes me realise how much harder its going to be for me to drive to southbend everyday in a shitty car like mine, hopefully Someone rich gives me a free car because mines so used and abused like a whore on marion st. that its worthless to even fix it.

Along with the winter my work hours are going to be cut off and my patience for getting that nice Cannon camera is really going to make my pubic hairs turn white.

OMG I forgot to tell you guys, Friday (yesterday) i went to trumans looking sexy “like always” and I got tipsy and was in the bar line waiting for my turn and this group, lets call them “NERD SWAT” were buying all there friends tequilla shots and they all took the shots and moved aside of me to let me threw.
Well as I was ordering my drink half drunk I didn’t notice that one of the NERD bitches puked right next to me and the vomit was next to my SHOES “YES IT WAS THAT CLOSE” and like a dumbass half drunk, I had no clue what happend until one of my friends came up to me and said “OMG are you ok?”.
The good news is that I was clear and safe from the vomit and I just walked away with my cocktail happy and pretending that nothing happen.

Dam Nerds I hope next time they’ll  think twice before taking that tequila MEXICAN shot, let the shots for the big boys and go play your world of war craft.

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