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Its hard to pin point on personal information on the internet because it breaks the bounds of privacy and it puts the questions in our heads “what if they can find me?”. Well if you fear about your personal information beeing out there you mite as well just lock yourself up in a white square room because even if you have no internet, someone has your information and is selling it.
BUT enought of putting fear to your little heart, this website is not only
useful to track people down but also find out alot of personal information about his location by getting there IP address.
This is for educational or useful information if someone is sending you spam, threaths, and other bad stuff over the internet to your computer.

The IP address of anyone with DLS or Cable shouln’t change unless they are using Dial-up (which its old shit) and the IP addresses always look like this “”

Useful ways to find there IP address are

  1. When chatting be sure there IP is showing somewere in the buttom of the chat room or open there private chatting box and when they send u a messsege look for a similar IP address number.
  2. All Emails have an IP attachment which is not hard to find and if not…then the site also provides you to search by E-mail which comes in handy.
  3. Websites also have IP addresses which you can unlocked or search for when you type in the address bar in the sites refrences.

This is so useful when i get spam because i get a phone number to call and bitch at them for filling my bunk mail and you never know who mite be in the other side of the internet cord…the spammer mite just be a stalker wanting to wear your dress when you’re not looking.

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