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Windows 7 will be breaking down the doors on October 22.

So the advertising has to start round about September 10, right? And, indeed, here it is, making its debut Thursday in the prime-time premiere to which America is no doubt glued, the CW’s “Vampire Diaries.”

The ad is as safe as certain critics suggested Vista wasn’t. There’s a girl. And it’s not Lauren, the one who isn’t cool enough to buy a Mac. No, it’s Kylie, the rather younger girl who is frightfully adept at all things digital.

You remember Kylie. She’s the one who has a fish called Dorothy. She’s the one who e-mails a picture of said Dorothy to her family (well, not Dorothy’s family), having
color-corrected it using the Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Well, now they’ve given Kylie the big one. Will she
carry it off? Or will she falter like a one-armed juggler on “America’s Got Talent”?

Kylie tells us she’s found happy words, lots of them. Yes, they are happy, happy reviews of Windows 7–from such august names as, well, CNET. Kylie makes a slideshow so that we can clearly see just how everyone thinks Windows 7 is the not a blister like Vista. As the same tune that tells you there are very few seconds left in an NBA game–yes, Europe’s “The Final Countdown”–intones with gay abandon, Kylie says: “I’m a PC and more happy is coming.”

I know there are those who will struggle with the concept of “more” happy after Vista. But they will, equally, be grateful that some happy is on the way.

I, of course, am happy as long as everyone else is happy. Even if this ad feels splendidly safe rather than, well, ecstatic.

(Credit:Cnet/Chris Matyszczyk)

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