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As we get older our way of thinking changes and we start to see the world in ways we never expected. The process is so slow that we don’t even realize it until we take a look at old pictures or your friends tell us.Our disciplinary actions start to change as well, the path of thinking becomes more focus on health and beauty as time pass our middle age era making it almost irresistible for anyone to try and stay young once again.

A main focus of aging comes from fear of death and surrender to do things  that you will no longer get to do.The more and more you try to fill in that hole you once felt will never be filled in because you know for a fact that we will never stop learning and we will never know everything. The other thing that comes along with the fear of dying is the fear of dying alone.

Being alone can be another brick in your back and can be even more painful and sometimes try to date anybody to just feel “not alone” is bad. The fact of love is to enjoy and love the person for who they are and not just because the care for you, its common for someone to fall in love with the IDEA and not the person and later  breaking up with them hurting family and friends (not to mention him/her). Here are some tips to help you know what is “love” and what is “false love”

1.Do you really like the persons actions and ways?
2. Can you put him/her first?
3.Do you text or actually call?
4.Are you willing to break up and make up from moment to moment?
5. Can you have sex with the lights on?
6.Does little things annoy you about him/her?
7. You guys fight all the time?
8.Do want to date other people?
9. Are you truly happy with your self and choices?
10. Do you cherish him/her?
11. Do you want to live with them till the end?

The reality of knowing these answers are locked within yourself and its not so hard for you to know what you feel. If you remember having the first love, you can know how powerful it is and the difficulty of knowing what’s “puppy love” and what is real love”.
For every event and step comes with a result and its up to you to understand and learn from each one, do what makes you happy and just respect yourself and others around you. Don’t focus yourself on negativity or things you don’t have control of because its just a waist of time that you will regret.

Time is short so be open to opportunities to learn but don’t make your lover/spouce a substitute of a false love.

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