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I know everyone is wondering who this artist is and I’m here to break it to you “hes dam cute” and he’s packing more than meets the eye. This stunning artist takes everyone’s favorite game characters and turn them into master pieces of art that will stun you and make you want to play them all day LONG!!!!

His name is Orioto in Deviantart but his real name is Japan Expo which which has some of the most amazing art pieces i’ve been seeing in the past days. His work not only makes me want to pick up a crayola but also pick up my game system and make love to it. Nothing like putting a new view to your favorite little monsters out there in the view. Japan Expo (Orioto) lives in Toronto Paris and loves his creation of fan art,final fantasy, and XP Operating system. What else can you ask for in a man?
You can sure check out more of is work at or his deviant page at which im sure you can follow him on twitter on his latest work or what goodies he has in stored for us.

I know i really should post this topic in the ART section so in that case i will post tons of Japan Expo(Orioto) work in the Art Section for those who just want a quick click of what games and fantasy art really comes to life as. The real deal is finding out if he was a girlfriend, or boyfriend hehehe

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