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For those who don’t know me, I rarely take naps and when it comes to napping i always get on the defence of weather or not i should take a nap. This topic i wrote earlier this month explains why napping can be good for you and why everyone benefits from napping for a few hours. Its not the old saying “i can rest when i die” such a typical stereo type of judgment thinking that napping is only a thing of children and lazy people.

Today’s world is evolving to understand more and more about things we use to think different from in the min 80 threw the 90 and are sure seeking more examinations to explain and separate the facts from myth.

Yesterday i came from work from a long day and i had plans to see a movie with a friend or someone,but that someone ended up canceling out and i never got to go. So like the guy that i am,i head out to get something to eat and after that i ate desert (TONS OF IT) got my lazy ass into the computer to listened to my favorite talk show “FEAST OF FUN” and decided to take a small nap. Well that nap ended up being a full time sleep event when i woke up to realized it was time to head back to work again. I do feel really good about the nap and i don’t regret taking it because I’m so energized and so pumped up.

Anyways life can’t be too great if you don’t rest and sure your body will know the difference and will thank you for it.

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