Don't Be A Victim

Don’t Be A Victim

If your computer gives you alerts saying your computer is infected, hacked or damaged like these.

DONT CALL THE NUMBER AND NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. I’ve had too many customers get scammed $100-$600 dollars by many scammers. I don’t want you to be the next victim. Here are ways to protect yourself.

Red Flags:

  1. They speak broken English
  2. They want to control/remote to your computer
  3. They try to sell you the service or removal of virus (which is fake)
  4. They will even try to charge you a dollar or cents
  5. They ask you to go to a store, gas station or local Walmart to purchase a green dot card or temporary money card.

Keep in mind they only want those numbers on that credit card.

If they remote to your computer, they will show you bogus alerts and errors and even lock your computer until you pay. Some will go thru your history so if you made purchases online and get information. If you get annoying alerts or you get a random call saying your computer is infected please just hang up.

If you don’t have a trusted IT agent, Silvermyst can help you find one with trusted results. If you are in our local area (Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka) Silvermyst can help you with any computer service. You can visit our shop or call us for any information. When going online searching for PC repair companies, never trust someone to remote to your computer if you have never done business with them. Your security is important and ask if you can visit the shop first. Always trust your instincts and the feedback of others.

If you ever get scammed, be sure you call your bank or credit card provider and call them about the scam, cancel your credit card until the issue is resolved and get your local I.T. agent to remove anything infected on your computer.