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Now days everyone depends on cell phones and our so called “ home phone” are only a thing of the past,depending on these phones cost money,minutes and dedication on keeping it clean,safe and away from robbers. But what if you accidently leave your phone in the park or someone decides to steal it so they can use up your minutes “especially if you have an i-phone?”

Well i had some time at work to look at several sites that would help you not only find your phone but also help you see its location,some require a small fee but its worth it if you really need it. a phone and see were its coming from, this is a web search that remind me of google but with phone numbers.

  1.– Sometimes looking for a phone number is not what you’re looking for so pipl has a more expandable search for your results.It searches E-mails,User names, and pretty much what you need to find the person you’re looking for.– This service works for Windows Mobile and its integrated with google maps which works like a GPS for your phone.You do have to register and install the software  and confirm that its your phone and not someone else is. This one will spot your phone if it ever gets stolen or lost but be careful because it does require data to the server,so be sure you got a Internet data plan on it.

Other services would be good for other things such as looking for criminal records of someone in your neighborhood or see if there’s a child  molester regirsterd in your area,these are good for just keeping your guard when it comes to your kids and family. You can also search for people who work with the government and network sites. Most tools are for social contacts and don’t expect to find accuracy to these results because there’s so such thing as a good accurate search site on personal information.

The draw backs of these searches are only bound to work for the U.S. and have no luck into finding people in other countries,I’m sure there one but to find it….now thats hard.

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