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I took the time to create this one with photoshop and illustrator, as you can see the swirls coming out of the car were all made in illustrator because vector shapes can be maxamized and minimized into any lenght and not lose its pixel efficiency. The rest of the picture on top i had to use my immagination and shape what was left of the truck along with the birds and clouds (birds are vector files too).

Photo taken by: Jarret Sweet

Food ART
Every one is talking about this famous artist who takes food and turns it into gramous art that everyone can enjoy. She was born in Japan and made her way to art school in NYC but ended up being a translator for a video game company. She loves to use her hand and creativity….READ MORE…

Short film
I was wondering around youtube and found this short clip which inspired me to share it with you all. The story brings out how signs are just as important as voices to change a life and to grow in every way. Its a simple communication between 2 …READ MORE…

Newsletter now HERE!!!
For those who follow us on our site know that we create a newsletter and send them out to anyone who has subscribe, our second memo newsletter and probrally our final draft is now availble for viewing Here. I am thinking of remodeling the cover and sticking with one specific design to give it that texture and feeling of a magazine kind of look,but you decide.

OBAMA flip/flop
As time passes by we get to see little zippers appearing when our President OBAMA silent himself from what actions he’s going to do regarding the “don’t ask,don’t tell” and other equality rights that have been waiting in the press to take action. The quote “yes we can” is now being flip flop-ed to Mr President Obama as he stays quiet. We are sending the message to our president back as “YES U CAN MR. PRESIDENT” to make changes fast and keep our president in line with his promises. Its the pink flip flop that will sure to keep remind our president not to hide from us and to make…..READ MORE…

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