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Sending pictures to people can be fun but it can also be  a hassle when you have to upload them one by one which takes time and it can drive anybody nuts. The good news is that a program called “winzip” and other similar programs lets you compress different files into one folder and zip them to your need “much like sending pictures in the mail and you zip the box” once you send the whole zip file to its destination, you use the same program to UNzip.

Its really a great way for you to send multi-files and not expect to upload each file individually,the program also features a password protection just in case the zip file is work related and don’t want nobody to see.

The programs out there offer free trials but some are just free in general for you to use but lack certain add-ons that such as file formats,e-mail compressed,auto-extractors which you can purchase.This program is great if you also dowload files of p2p (bearshare) and want to unzip loads of music files all in one.

im glad someone finally build a program were i can rip files from software and put them on my own little zip folder and i can send them to friends everywhere (being sarcastic).This programs like all good things can be used for evil too such as the sample above. People also like to attach all the good files into a zip files and just to piss people off they put one of the above


of course these can be stoped by getting some of the software protections such as AVG but it wont guarantee they will stop all of the threads since each program is meant to do a specific task.

Some of these threads are attached to a file that you may need to run the software you are downloading making it pointless to even run/install the program.


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