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Founded in 2003, Skype is revolutionizing the way people communicate around the world. Every day, millions of people use Skype to communicate for free through voice and video calls as well as instant messages. Many people also use Skype to call landline and mobiles with pay as you go Skype Credit or a monthly subscription.

Its really a perfect way for you not to spend your minutes and set up meetings for your business without the worry that you are getting stamped by your phone company. I have ATNT phone that has the ability to set up free wifi everywhere i go and with the help of SKYPE i down loaded the software to my phone called “skypemobile” which lets me do the same calls when im in a WIFI HOT SPOT and not use my minutes on my phone.

Its also a great way for me to contact people over the Internet if im ever out of the office and want to see if my nerdy friend is playing war craft or something. Some cant even afford a phone so they use skype as a good source.You can even have a phone that doenst have a phone company and just activate the wifi and skype and “CALL AWAY” lol The set up for the wifi does require a little attention since most phone companies force the proxies to use there data trasfer and charge you so be sure to change or block those proxies *see your guide book* and be sure you install the software and have the space available for your phone. Some phones come with.

The full features can  be purchased on if you want to do more with your skype account which im sure you can have the option in the future.Be aware of its history and the lack of customer support made skype a little in the D-list which clearly states that it doesn’t support emergency calls (911) and would be hard to get in touch of any help if you are in trouble. The new version for the desktop applications do come with video capabilities and much more which you would enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Down load SkypeMOBILE here

Heres also a video demostration of what it can do

so go skype away and give it a try or should i say “ a call”

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