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To today is Monday morning and i forgot to take out the garbage “ops” my tank is so full i just hope the dam truck guy comes back and takes mine. I haven’t slept yet since Sunday afternoon and that’s because my back started to hurt from this stupid computer chair that is too big and too old for my back,if i do sit straight i got this HUGE space between the chair bed and my back and when i do sit down fully in the back i cant reach the keyboard to type and you’re probrabrally saying “you could put the laptop in your lap?” lol and ya i could do that but then i  got wires going threw the laptop,the dam thing gets hot and then when i want to get up or take a zip of my coffee i have to take lots of caution.

Well in other news we are getting lots of stuff done and one of the bigest problems im coming across on our team is that we dont have a server to share files and sync information back and fort to each other, thats why im setting up my computer that was collecting dust partacles to run a server threw our network system and use everything and get work done.
This server does have the following

  • Office 20003
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • MS Accounting 
  • Photoshop cs3
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Media Center

And much more, be sure that its also virus free and has all the patches and updates nessasary to run our server to
full speed. The advantages we get from this is performing task and sending important date as well as productivity to the server for the manager or the system administator to read and keep track of the asses and payroll. The great thing of this ofcourse had to be that…YOU CAN ACCESS IT ANYWERE with just a screen name and password from me. 😀

the beauty of creating a workspace and share it with your team count be more fun and also sharing the same programs that they cant use or dont have makes life alot better to see improvement.

This for a fact will do the following.

  • Keep a fresh report on all activity
  • The ability to use programs that they dont have
  • The ability to create invoices and send data threw the server and for me to look at
  • The ability to access the nessasary files and download to get the job done
  • To share files and fun stuff with each other

Just another way to get business going.

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