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Yes we had added some of my original painting on our store and also added the link to our e-bay store so you can bid on anything you guys want. Today i went to Javier house to watch a movie with the fags and order pizza just to see how fast they can make it and if they pass half hour we would complain and get a discount “fun hu?” this is exacly what you do when you dont have a life and your friends are a little crazy.
We wanted to have a good experience watching this movie so i got my projector and set it up, putting it has never been a problem for me and everyone helped making room for it and we sat back to watch “Norbit” which cracks me up because that fat bitch reminds me of every person that come to mc.donalds to order a SUPER LARGE MEAN and a “diet coke” LOL

Another thing that we did after the movie was done was check out Javiers porno collection and nothing sais “hello” like a HUGE penis popping out of projector into a white wall, i gave him files so i wasn’t very entertained (plus i wasnt alone) lol .I mean,who watches porno with there buddies? The whole thing felt weird and i my friend Daniel sure didn’t care about it one bit.

The night was done and we left a mess and split before javier made us clean after ourselves and  headed home,but i didn’t go home to sleep…NOOOOoooOOOoo this bitch got some coffee from MCDONALD like a fat bitch and started doing some designs.

This new design i did was for “The Jakobi Show” an advertising poster that im sure will be put into good use and a new collection on my room Wall. Nothing Creams at a room like a gallery or fun ideas and creativity.

One thought on “Poster PORN (not)

  1. Jakbi

    12 November 200811 years ago

    I really love it!
    Check out your e-mail tho

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