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Sometimes i like to sleep late because i have a really good dream and i want to know what happends next. Today i woke up knowing that i was at this BIG club with several of my friends and we found this really HOT GUY who was in control of the main owner of the club, we made him come to his sences and our mission is to escape from the club.
As we ran out we encountered people that were trying to stop us but we either slice there necks or so on, My favorite part was when we were trying to get tons of girls (me and the hot guy) to trap them all in a room so i had the idea of him stripping for them and he said “im not going to get completely naked” and i smiled and said “i dont care what u do,he need these bitches here” lol and so i ran and told  the girls “my friends really hot and hes taking off his clothes” and they get super excited following

me, as i keeped coming in and out of the room he was getting down from one scrap of fabric to another and told me “hurry up”.

So at last i got the last girl group but they were with 2 gay guys ive seen before and told them about it, i never knew the gay guys would go more crazy for this guy and the ran leaving me behind “holy shit” lol so i ran back and the whole room was packed and i was squeezing my way into the crowed so i can get the hot guy out of the room and lock them hoes. I pushed and pulled people to get threw and when i saw HIM, he was completely naked and DAM HE WAS FINE but i pretended it was nothing as i hand him a towel, he got all shy  and we got out locking the door with all the girls and we ran.
As we ran he said “I know you saw it -”  i interrupted him and said “OH like if its that big” and he smiles and goes “I guess you dont know whats big for you” and so we go downstairs to the dance floor.

Once we headed down at the party it was like a corn maze but with people, It was dark and people dancing and gogo dancers on polls but we knew he had to meet up at some spot to meet the other guys, so we did and everyone was waiting “he have to get out, the guards are scanning and stoping everyone to see if its HIM (pointing at the hot guy) and so we said “we split up and find the door with light and we flash these flash lights to communicate , so we split and i was with moises to find the door.

As we headed to each coner of the building we saw that guards started to take there knifes and cutting peoples heals on there foot so they count go anywere and grabed young hot guys and see if it was us “they had pictures of us? how did they get pictures of us” i told moises “I dont know probrally from the cameras” he responded.

I knew it was a trap as 3 guards came threw every coner and finally one of them caught up to us,he was getting ready to slice my knee and right after he lifted that knife moises puched him in the stomach  and i grabed his the weapon to slice his neck, as his blood squirted and he was clutching down as the other 2 guards ran to us and i just go “I dont know what happend,he just had the knife and it fell on his neck” so the guards were trying to help their friend and left us there, so i go “LETS FOLLOW THEM AND FLASH THE LIGHTS TO THE GUYS”.  Moises flashed everyone and everyone responded,we followed the guards and saw the door
with the light, as we ran together the hot guy droped his towel that was the only thing covering him and as we ran everyone started staring and the guards realized who we were but it was too late, we got threw the door and we escaped.

THEN I WOKE UP  because people were calling my cell phone 🙁  I was like “DAM IT, I WANTED TO MAKE OUT WITH THAT NUDE HOT GUY WE RESCUEDED RRRRRRr!!!!!!!

I cant believe playing with dreams would teach you a few things about team play and using a hot guy to trap woman at a small room.I guess beautiful things could be deadly in a way we would never undertand.

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