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As you guys already know i was unemployed on Friday but was looking for a job the next day,because u know “i love working” Anyway just when i get 2 calls back from different jobs for interviews and an offer position from my friends boyfriend , A client of mine called me for a position available as an assistance. I was excited to know that i had so many oppotunities to expand my work and skills but i had to choose and be picky with my doors. So i told myself “lets see which one will work for me” So i headed out to

See the first door open which is working with LQK the are offering me a pay of 9 bucks per hours which seemed good for my steady work,so i took the piss test and passed it and he gave me this whole book of car parts and what i needed to learn. I had my mouth full when i saw all the parts because i dont know SHIT about cars. So i took it home and was about to start studying it when i got a call from a client / friend  for an offer i count just give up on. 

He is a successful and “cute” guy with lots of brain power that is just too busy to keep himself organized and i wanted to help him out and told me “i need an assistance,i can pay you” so i opened myself to an opportunity to see how i would like it and at the same time help a friend in need. So i left all of my projects on hold and left to chicago to his place. It was fun,i loved how the is and the taste he gots,learned alot from him and expecially how to shop,but i was starting to think about my projects and my own work. I stayed with him for almost 4 days and just doing his assistance work was starting to make me think how my own stuff was going to get done,so i tried to find a way to teach him how i keep myself organized and at the same time how he could save money by doing it himself. I know he gots money to pay for an assistast but it would be nice to jsut save it for something much better and so i did his plans for the whole week and created charts and stuff that im sure he would need to keep himself organized. 
So i felt chicago and rode the train,got home around midnight and my friend took me to eat, i also headed home to rest and woke up to his phone call wanting me to head back to work on monday morning after i get y drivers license fix. 
I realized “i dont like this assistance job” because i had tons of e-mails and request for projects and graphic arts work and i dont want to just give that up. I wanted to also stay here because the drive to michigan and chiago was too far for my shitty car.

So e-mailed him with my notice and told him what my plans were and why i did what i did with those spread-sheets and why i was aksing questions about what he did,what he does,ect.ect. I wanted to teach him what it ook to be organized and how he can do it with todays technology which hes FAR BEHIND, lol but he will learna nd it would be fun for him “not to meantion alot easier life” 

I am studying the car parts for the junk yard and tommorow im studying with jarret, I am really excited to also do the next flyer for the stip club and get my BOOK PORFOLIO DONE by the end of this year. 😀


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