Super Mario Level Generator

Looks like Blogger Gamasutra, has  built a system that’s able to randomly generate levels for Infinite Mario Bros., the Mario tribute developed by Minecraft creator Marcus “Notch” Persson. You can check it out and try the sample  yourself at
  Mario’s Championship.
A procedural procedural level generator generator. (pdf)

Amazing….Just Before generating , the level is pretty much a blank white canvas, and the agents are set out at different times to lay tiles into the level – in this case, things like coins, platforms or breakable blocks. The agents have lots of parameters that describe their behavior, such as how often they act on the level, an area they randomly spawn in, how they move across the level, and what tiles they drop[ref]If you want to see a complete description of the agents, there’s a very clear breakdown in the paper itself.[/ref]. With just a dozen or so of these agents you can describe a wide variety of level generators.

The ability to generate levels, coins and monsters to spawn is incredible, I am fascinated by the way this program works and how it was implemented to work in a classic game such as this one.