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Everything on computers these days are just darn good for me to not talk about it. The memory limit of each Operating system is disapointing alot of people but for those who dont know much about it and want to make there little pc run LOTS OF MEMORY and become ultra powerful….well, bad new for you,you can’t.

Each operating system has its limits just like a person can only have a limit with its alcohol (bad comparison, I know) But to give you a better idea of what to expect on the New Windows Operating system will run as far as memory use, Heres a small information.

Maximum RAM limit for 32-bit Windows 7 editions is 4GB, But for 64-bit additions, its as follow:

Windows 7 Starter: 8GB
Windows 7 Home Basic: 8GB
Windows 7 Home Premium: 16GB
Windows 7 Professional: 192GB
Windows 7 Enterprise: 192GB
Windows 7 Ultimate: 192GB

These limits are similar to those for Vista editions, expect that Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate have had their upper limits raised from 128GB to 192GB.

For more additional information please visit the Microsoft Support page for a full feature of all OS and the limted support of memory you can install in each one and other useful information you mite want to get your hands on.

 “WHAT?! windows XP is not showing your 8GB of memory?” well you can read all about it HERE.

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