Silvermyst Multiservices

So ever since i got unemployed a bunch of clients had gaven me request to do some graphic and web designs and one of them I’ve been working all day and night . I think its turning out pretty  good. I am planning to fix the calendar and add a nice green texture around it, also the font would be displayed on the green boxes seen on top.

Another thing is those pictures i posted on top of the page, they all look great and she did a fantastic job and what better way to show them all of by giving it a nice touch were the click on the link and a full preview will display. The colors are perfect and i think this one is a keeper for the porfolio.

I am not giving up on better world books but if they things dont work out with them , i already have a job waiting for me as a sales representative at LKQ in Southbend,it may be a little far from my house but i just smile and im sure i can managed and find a way to enjoy my trips in the morning. I will miss my co-workers and my manager,everyone was great but I will see them around,its a small world and i just hope the keep smiling and do there best.

Luciano had been talking to me and had been good support about it,he thinks i deserve another chance and not only him but Gabe ,stephanie,even Aracelie because she know that i was just beeing myself and i guess i didnt realized how much people support me until the tell u.Expecially when i have to take care of my mother and be the man of the hosue to pay bills. 

“The world is full of hate,why waist it when we can change it for the best”

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