Silvermyst Multiservices

Webroot Spy Sweeper
<----Front Cover


Product Description:Continuous security scours the Web for spyware programs, as well as adware, key loggers, Trojan horses and more, before they have a chance to infect your home computer Automated Definition Download checks for new spyware defenses to ensure the most up-to-date protection 16 different Smart Shields prevent spyware from installing, providing alerts, blocking communication with malicious Web sites and preventing the installation of toolbars and bookmarks Comprehensive Removal Technology effectively disables sophisticated spyware programs that are designed to avoid detection and removal FlexDefs detect and block new variants of existing spyware programs User-friendly interface utilizes customizable options and kicks into gear with a single click Spy-risk meter graphically illustrates the threat level of an Internet spy Regular updates keep your program up-to-date

Feature:Spysweeper / Antivirus / Computer protection / Security Pacakage
Condition:Used (barely Scratched)



Comes with the Serial Key and its not installed in any of my computers because i got panda anti-virus and i just want to get this one to someone who needs spyware remover.Its in good condition and i will ship ASAP when the payment has been made. 😀

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