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I have already told you guys not to settle for less when you at typing or putting information about your topics. Sometimes being creative and sticking to your plan isn’t the best plan you got out there. Sometimes you got ideas but you really don’t know how to make it possible without the funds and without the support.

Some say to push yourself into the market place while others just say to do several researches about the product you are trying to sell. Its all about what you want and what you need that matters within the system. Nothing is FREE, even if they say that it is.

You have to realize that brining products to customers means you have to spend money for those products….

let’s say you want to sell a T-shirt and you have a design of your own and you already picked out the colors and prices.


1 Shirt for 7.99

You can get it from SMALL,MEDIUM, AND LARGE SIZE

If you order now, you can also get this free PEN!!


Ok so you got your store sale and this is what you are selling (above) now you have to make sure that you got these items first, that means you have to buy not only 1 shirt for the customer because everyone has different size and lenghts, but you have to buy 3xWHATEVER SHIRTS YOU WANT……..that’s a lot of cash just for BLANK shirts.

Now you want to put a design on each one ? you have to find a store were they will put that design and get it all ready for your customer. COURSE THAT COST MONEY TOO. If you want to do it yourself you have to think about how you are going to do it without damaging the rest of the t-shirts or how the customers going to wash it, nothing more pisses a customer off when one color shirt destroys tons of other clothing lines. Remember that Clothes is very expensive and if the customer find out that your design was made by ink that soaks into other clothes….THEY are going to demand you to a FULL REFUND and more for the damages. So think about that.

Another thing you want to think about is how you are going to display these shirts, sure you can just take a picture or give some out to your friends so they can show it off and say that you did it, but ….again that’s money you are giving away for advertising. Yes its a dam good idea to let some of those free products go out there to attract customers, but you also want to make sure that you are not giving away MORE THAN WHAT YOU NEED for advertising.

This topic is very tricky because you want to make sure you look like a professional , this means giving the customers Receipts when they purchase an item from you and also give them a bag or a box were they can put their shirt . This is important because they mite want to stop by another store or to a friends party but its raining, a handy bag is good for all those things and if they want to exchange or they think they got ripped off, that receipt mite come in handy because you got a “exchange, no return policy without a receipt”. We all know that in AMERICA if you don’t like something or not 100% satisfied you are entitled for an exchange,return,and refund on that item.


Do you remember that 1 shirt for 7.99?

ok so lets take a look at what you have to spend so far to produce a 100% customer Satisfaction.

· 50 Shirts (S,M,L) remember that you have to buy it for the customers need and size = $200-300

· Price for the Design $12 PER SHIRT (I called one printing store skinner the printer)

· Customer bags= $40 (called ULINE for pricing)

· Paper for Receipts=$15 (Wal-Mart)

· if you don’t have a printer = $70- or more depending on the printer you buy


· Lets also add a business card design because you want to spread your sales and reputation = $60

So wow, you got a pretty good idea on how much you are going to spend ,right?

These are the most comment mistakes ppl like to do when they try to sell items to the customer

· not enough products to sell

· they end up wasting more from the making of the product then what they customer pays.

· Ink damages other clothes

· Fabric Shrinks when its washed

· They spend the money the customer pays and when the customer returns for a REFUND, you got no money to give them back.

· Not enough change for a 50 bill that your customer is giving you

· NO MONEY period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If selling was an easy task we would be all doing it, but everyone knows that it takes time and Preparation and funding to produce what the customers need.This means that you have to put yourself in the line and do your research. What i talked about was JUST SOME OF THE ITEMS YOU MITE NEED.

I haven’t gotten to the part were i say

· How you going to run your cash flow?

· How you going to create your Designs?

· How you going to create an INVOICE receipt for your customers? you cant just type it all down, they will get pist off and a customer just wants to leave because they got other plans.

· Were you going to put your money and how much? (cash register)

· Do you have a business Phone were a customer can call you?HOW YOU GOING TO ANSWER THE PHONE.

· OMG AND WHAT ABOUT DIFFRENT PRICES and products, are tshirts the only thing you are going to sell?


I guess im scarying you and you are realizing that its going to be harder than what you thought, but thats common facts and we all know that “you have to be the best” bring something to the table that someone doent have.


We all know that to be the best means to be prepared and to practice and learn from your mistakes, I had said that you are going to spend about $400 on producing the product listed on top (1 shirt for 7.99) and you already have it all ready and sold a couple of them. This is a good sign because not only are you getting money for each item, but you are getting reputation and hopefully more customers.

So you probably asking “is it worth it?”


$7.99 x 50 shirts=$399 that’s more than what you paid for for the shirts but remmember that you spend money on the designs too for each shirt

$12x 50 Shirts= $600.00 (…. you better just sell those shirts for more than 7.99)

Solution I say sell it for 12.99, lets try the math again……

$12.99 x 50 shirts=$649.50 WOW THATS MUCH BETTER, but man i paid for those designs too

$12 design per shirt x 50=$600 (i still think this is a rip off for one design on a shirt) try charging extra if the customer wants his name or a text in the shirt.

Also charge the customer for a Custom Design you created, this will make it easier to pay those prints designs and …well the prints are basicly paying themselfs. YAY

Just go around and look for a cheaper way to print designs. or go online and learn on how to create you own PROPERLY.

Also be sure that your customer PAYS before they get the shirt or you send the shirt to be printed

Don’t count the little stuff (bag,recepts,stickers) because you have to provide it and just be sure to sell little extra stuff to make it up.

Above it all you have been drained from working and preparing and you want to know what you have achieved……right? well let me tell you what you did, you……

· bring more customers

· more money for you

· more ideas

· a good income and be your own boss

· good staff workers

· REPUTATION AND MARKETING SKILLS that you developed making you more advance and learn more on how to sell products.

· Your own products spread around your town or city


· You build A Whole new life for yourself and family

Im not saying it will always work if you follow my guidelines, im just staying that you really have to put yourself into your business, that means BREATH AND LIVE YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT THAT. So forget about spending too much time with your friends or looking around for a BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND, you are now a business owner and you better start acting like one on your business hours.

Its very important to manage your time and schedule your events, this will help you stay in touch with your friends and have fun on your own time, im not trying to say to ditch your whole family and friends for your business. im just saying that you have to limit yourself from Working AND Playing. This will balance your life and keep you up to date on how many customers you get and how much money goes to your pocket.

That’s it for now, this may be useful information or it mite just be something i typed down for the hell of it, doesn’t matter because what matters the most is WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

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