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I was taking a whole day yesterday to try and set up a PayPal shopping cart and other features in all of my customers prints and digital design art. But for some reason blogger doesn’t allow that junk and expands the whole page. So I was trying to add anything like widgets, my own forms, PayPal buttons and website 3rd party to make your shopping easy and secure. BUT NO LUCK.

I finally had to just face the fact that I had to just leave the pictures and pages without a shopping cart and “pay now” buttons because it got too confusing and kind of got me lost (I can imaging how lost my customers would be) lol
But everything is still a mess in the MEMBERS SECTION because im trying to organize and make everything EASY, SIMPLE, FAST when purchasing the photography pictures.

One thought on “Testing is not over

  1. Anonymous

    27 March 200812 years ago

    It’s looking better Carlos, keep working on it.

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