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So today one of my co-workers has to inspect the SAS register and she came out short, lol So it was on my ass because I didn’t bring up the orders right and gave away photos for free “what a bitch hu?” I didn’t know how to work the stupid thing, so I tried my best (that’s what they get for leaving a rookie by himself) lol but I did sell photos 😀 for free.

Anyways I did so bad at my selling station that I was role-playing with my co-worker which really helped me see how she did her little “RIP OFF” trick. Which is great cause I need to learn it. HO Lol She is crazy by the way, I would love to drink and party with both girls in that station.

Another thing that bugs me about selling is that …….I have to show off the pics to the customer and at the same time say stuff like “HOOoooOOO HES SO CUTE” or “HE JUST SO ADORABLE OMG HES THE SWEETEST THING” ……….now u tell me, DO YOU THINK I’LL EVER SAY THAT?
My ass won’t say “cute” I’ll say “IT FUCKEN ROCKS” or “THAT LOOK ASWOME “

I may be gay but I AN’T NO QUEEN

I always do have fun with my customers but I have to learn (what she said) to take control of the camera and act like a professional.

I WILL GET IT RIGHT and it just seems like if i have to give out my “heart” and dont give a fuck about what ppl think when it comes to business….I LIKE IT 😀

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