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I have been learning so much from portrait studios this day, they are giving me the opportunity to sell there products into a level I’ve never seeing before. The sales and prices are ridiculous and *on my personal image* see it as a BIG RIP OFF.

I don’t mind much because you don’t have to have a good product on the table if you know how to sell and talk to the customer. Every graphic designer knows that you can enhance and create a beautiful portrait and gallery using good techniques and tools like Photoshop/illustrator we learn that “WHITE SPACE” is always good to the consumer but that is not the case for sears portraits studios.

I am learning how to use sale techniques to sell NOT ONLY SEARS PRODUCTS but also mine, because its all about knowing how to talk to your customer. Knowing how to make them feel welcomed and giving them the image of “SAVING MORE” is 1st priority. I’ve also trying to learn how to use references as a tool to draw people to my business, I can give out sheets and offers to make come and make an appointment. These are great techniques and are working very well. I can see that my trainer manager could sell anything with the way she talked and the way she express the offers. Showing examples and saying key words such as “that is a great deal” really makes a DIFFRENCE.

I know for a fact that I will mess up and will get nervous but I have to be confident and give myself a little back bone when it comes to selling products, its not that I don’t want to screw up, because im sure I will. The reason why im having trouble with this “selling to customers” guide is because I want to make sure that I back myself up when someone tries to get smart with me on how im selling my product or what is more convenient “get me?”

It’s not that im trying to make it harder on myself, its that. I want to be really successful and learn this technique because I know that IM GOING TO USE IT ON MY OWN business.

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