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Last night i gave myself a little bit of credit!

I was sick all week and been working very little hours,i never had the chance to party like i use to before new years and …well alanty and john were going to have a BDAY party.The party was for john and i was well invited to go “sure i’ll go” i said as i got ready and headed over there TIOS house.
So i was all shy and quiet for the first hour or so….lol but then we started to drink and looie started putting music on…and i felt like if i should dance. lol

NOW I KNOW I PROBRALLY WAS DANCING LIKE A REAL FAGGET .lol i dont know..sometimes when i drink i get a little dirty and ofcourse i get really excited when im drunk. I danced with almost every girl there and even tought them some moves that i use at trumans, I probrally made a fool of myself because ppl just keeped staring at me. lol I bet the maedas were like “OMG ” LOL because they never seen that side of me (THE GAY SIDE) LOL i guess.

So i really enjoyed the party and i the key to this whole party sucess was not only the people but the DJs who were very enegetic and good at what they do “PARTY ON” they are the reason why everything went down really well and …well i see them as “LIFE OF THE PARTY”.They were not shy and was willing to give the people a taste of what “MUSIC” is really about.


lol hopefully i get to make some things such as flyers or such to drive bussiness and keep it going.

This is one of my flyers i finished today, its suppose to be for a valentines party.

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