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There will be an opportunity in your life were it comes threw the door unexpected and will stomp you to make a decision you have to make and stick to the effects it will bring further ahead.
Today an insurance company has called me scheduling my in an interview, the have seen my application online and wanted to see if I was interested in the position they are willing to offer me. To me was a big smack in the face because it’s a high class paying job and im sure it requires more than just video games and communications skills to work in such environment.

I have till Tuesday to prepare for the interview and later confirmed to receive an e-mail letting me know that it was going to be about 1-2 hours in my meeting with the manager there. I have to come up with questions and be prepared to answer any question they may seek out. So I did my search and took some notes of what the company is about.

  • What do they do?
  • What positions are there available for me?
  • What skills are needed for the job?

And its also good to come up with questions to ask to the manager like

  • What are the most important skills needed for the job?
  • Do you offer employee training?
  • What is the departments goals for the next 3 years?

I was also told to wear the part, which means a tie, black pants, nice shoes and will be one of my downfalls because I grow my face hair every 2 days and it gets annoying.

I have to practice and learning how to focus when im being in stress and a job interview can be very stressful. If I know the person I can give out the answers will well confidence but can also send me flying into answers that I should never say.


  • Keeping my lines and subjects organized.
  • Relax
  • Smile
  • And view yourself as if you were on tv (this means paying attentions to body language)

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