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Yesterday David and some of his friends went to apple bees and so i joined them for a few moments to sit down and have a conversation, well as we talked i clips my eye around to see who i knew and …well i found this hot guy who is a manager of apple bees and hes FUCKEN HOT and hes on my favorites who “only hot guys are on that list”. So i freaked and told everyone in the table and David goes up to him when he passed by and said “YOU KNOW HIM” while pointing at me, i was SHY AS FUCK, lol he kind of knew we were fucking with him, but dammm hes just hot as fuck, i would probably trade my dog for that guy. 😀
what a way for me to compare and trade in dating business.

Today i woke up finding out that i don’t have class until they give me the location and the schedule time, to me this means “yay” but also a “fuck” because the major exam is in march and i have to pass it in order for me to proceed to my goal as a graphic designer.

The dog is going to find a new home soon,i can’t stand piking shit bigger than mine and then the horrible smell it sends out threw the whole house. He is cute and he would be a good guard dog to some old lady some were out there. So my sister is going to pick him up tonight and find him a new home.
In other news,i got an interview FRIDAY AT SEARS STUDIOS,wish me luck.

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