Silvermyst Multiservices


Silvermyst provides Gaming counsels Repairs for your gaming systems. Each counsel requires a delicate care that only Silvermyst can offer. Fixing your red ring of death, Broken Buttons, even upgrading your hardware parts. With 30 Day warranty and Fast shipping. Each repair has a tracking number so you can keep an eye on the repair status and also a shipping number once it gets back from our workshop.


Choose Your Gaming Console

  1. Purchase the service from us today (FREE local pickups)
  2. We will send you a label via Email to send your Console to us.
  3. Once we receive it in them mail, we will contact you letting you know we go it.
  4. We will open up a service ticket so you can keep track of the repairs.
  5. Then we will service it, and report back on your service ticket. You can even reply to us from your service ticket for additional services or request.
  6. After everything is done, we ship it back to you. Usually after 24hrs after the repair is done.

You can track your service ticket in your Email  or in our website .