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Silvermyst POS Systems are designed with YOUR BUSINESS profitability in mind. Increase your sales, Reduce your losses, Reduce your wage expenses. Fully loaded with Quickbooks Point of Sale software.

  • Silvermyst POS [Point of Sale Systems bundle] will speed up the sales ordering time. 
  • Touch screen for faster order taking, tracking.
  • Easy process for returns, store credit, and exchanges.
  • Take Employee time-tracking for wage assist.
  • Fewer employee on Restaurant Floor or Sales Floor.
  • Remove hand written notes completely to avoid mistakes.
  • Stop loosing out on products that are not billed.
  • Loyalty Cards to bridge customers to your business.
  • Check what your hot products, up sell, cross sell.
  • Offer special discounts for customer attraction.
  • Customer confidence on Transparent Billing Docket instead of handwritten slips.
  • Bar Print & Kitchen Print for automated food preparation instructions.
  • We personally install the bundle for you at no additional cost
  • We will review the basic inputs of the software to get you started.




 Inventory Management

QuickBooks has great inventory management features. Inventory is automatically adjusted and tracked after every sale. You can set low-inventory alerts, reorder points, track layaways, view number of items available for any given date, and much more. If you have a multi-store plan, you can even manage/track inventory from store-to-store.

 Employee Management

If you are wanting you manage your employees on QuickBooks POS, you can do that. With the built-in employee time tracking and commissions tracking features, you will always be on-top of your employee management needs. Of course, you can also set user access permissions for each employee.

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

QuickBooks has some nice CRM features. You can create a variety of different contact lists, track each customer’s sales history, assign specific discounts to individual accounts, launch email marketing campaigns, and even setup a customer rewards program (points automatically included as payment on POS screen).

 Always-on mode (accept payments even when offline)

QuickBooks Desktop POS 12.0 does not have an always-on mode.

 Barcode creation/scanning

QuickBooks POS has the ability to create and scan barcodes, as long as you have a compatible barcode scanner/label printer.

Label creation/printing

You can create and print custom labels through QuickBooks using a compatible label printer.


Gift Card/Discount Options

If you want to discounts, QuickBooks POS has you covered, with a variety of discount options, including the ability to assign certain discounts to specific customer accounts. QuickBooks also has the ability to accept gift cards. However, you have to sign up for gift-card service account, which will cost you a $50 one-time setup fee and then an ongoing fee of $24.95/month, not to mention the fees for each gift-card and the $.20 overage fee for every additional transaction should you happen to exceed your 100 transaction monthly limit.

 Ecommerce/online storefront option

QuickBooks POS does have a variety of ecommerce options available to you, as long as you are willing to open your wallet. For a one-time fee of $1000-$2000 and an ongoing monthly fee of around $75 you can get an integration package that allows you to partner QuickBooks POS with popular online shopping carts/store like Woocommerce, Shopify, and others.

 Purchase Order management

Quickbooks POS has some high-powered purchase order management features. You can create, track, and manage PO’s, all from your QuickBooks program. You can also setup automatic PO generation. Low inventory numbers trigger the system, which then automatically generates a PO, emails it to the vendor, and then begins tracking the order.


QuickBooks has some in-depth reporting capabilities. You can generate over 50 different kinds of reports, including common returns, best and worst sellers, department summaries, payment method summaries, item cost/quantity summaries, tax summaries, busiest times, and much more.

Reports are first presented in a cursory format and allow you the option to look more specifically at any set of numbers/figures.


 Appointment Booking/Reservations

QuickBooks does not have any kind of appointment booking/reservation capabilities.

 Restaurant Tools

Quickbooks POS does have an open check feature, but that is about all the restaurant tools that it comes with. You cannot split checks, connect with a kitchen receipt printer, track tables, or accept reservations.

 Grocery Store Tools

If you are planning to use Quickbooks POS for your grocery business, you might want to think again. The POS system can technically integrate with scales for weighing items, but it requires a $200 one-time add-on software service, plus ongoing $100/year subscription fee. Also, Quickbooks does not have the ability to accept food stamps, account for spoil, or calculate store shrink rate, like grocery specific POS systems can.

Retail Store Tools

QuickBooks POS is at its best when in a retail store environment. It has a wide-variety of inventory management tools, even allowing cross-checking/tracking of inventory between stores (multi-store plan). Also, the system is set up perfectly to accommodate a wide-variety of modifiers for individual products (“red”, “small”, etc)  even automatically assigning unique UPC’s to each individual product within each category.

Save Time Managing Inventory

QuickBooks Point of Sale automatically adjusts your inventory every time you make a sale, order, or return — which helps you keep the most popular items on-hand without overstocking or selling out.

  • Record each shipment of merchandise received and QuickBooks Point of Sale adjusts inventory figures with each sale or return.
  • Run reports with one click that show what you’ve got, what’s hot, and what you need to reorder.
Keep Your Customers Happy

Track customer contact info and purchase histories automatically. It’s easy to stay in touch and use customer loyalty tools to keep them coming back for more.

  • See who your best customers are with instant reports.
  • Improve your marketing and communication with insights from the Customer Center.
  • Track customers’ contact information so you can let them know about upcoming sales or new inventory from their preferred manufacturers
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with Microsoft Word so you can automatically create letters to customers.
  • Bring new and repeat customers into your store as they buy and redeem gift cards.
Work More Efficiently

QuickBooks Point of Sale makes the things you do everyday, from ringing sales to bookkeeping, fast and easy.

  • Easy-to-use sales screens ensure you and your employees can ring sales quickly and keep lines moving. Use a barcode scanner to ring sales even faster and reduce errors.
  • Transfer data to QuickBooks Accounting software with a click. You won’t have to worry about errors from retyping data and will be better prepared at tax time.


Save Time and Money Accepting Credit Cards

With integrated merchant service from Intuit, there’s no double-entry between your terminal and software and you don’t need to buy or lease a separate terminal to take credit and debit cards. This extra service within the software will require a monthly fee.

  • Record and authorize transactions in QuickBooks Point of Sale with a single swipe — there is no need to re-key data and risk making errors.
  • No costly terminal or extra phone line needed

Square and PayPal Here

If the monthly credit card fee is not the way to go for you, we can set you up with a paypal or a square account so you can pay per swipe.  you can always accept payments  and order extra card readers with administrator control to give to your employees who are on offsite (drivers, in home service, photographers,ect) you always have control of the sales and pull reports and integrates fully with Quickbooks.

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