Remote Support


We are pleased to announce our new remote support service with the help of the TEAMVIEWER software. In order to take advantage of our remote services you must have previously done business with us and have read our Silvermyst Remote support agreement form.

Steps to take for remote support:

Step 1: Give us a call at 574-387-6229 to schedule the remote request. 
Step 2: Download the appropriate version of our remote software:


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IMPORTANT: your internet connection must be operational.

1 – Click the download link in the sidebar of this web page, making sure to select your version (Windows or Macintosh).

2 – Give us a phone call at the number below.

3 – We will then start the installation of the Teamviewer software.

4 – Once the software is installed, a Teamviewer window will open, over the phone you will give us the ID number and password that’s within the window. This will give us full access to your computer in order to troubleshoot your problems.

Privacy/Security Note: We only have access to your PC during that session, once the Teamviewer software is closed, we do not have access anymore, and the password resets every time the software is launched.


Notes: If we are performing remote services, an estimated Invoice will be sent and needs to be paid in advance in order for the agent to do the job, notice any software installation, key activation or renewal are no refundable if they are attached to the client’s account (such as Microsoft office/domain/windows) be sure you read the description and hardware information before purchasing any software or ask your agent for the best options.